BOSTON — In just a few days, Massachusetts will begin a four phased-approach to reopening and restarting the economy. Some industries and businesses will be allowed to resume operations next week, albeit with major restrictions. And as employees get called back to the post-COVID19 workplace, many tell 25 Investigates they have concerns.


Investigative reporter Ted Daniel looked into the legal recourse workers have if they do not feel safe returning to work during the pandemic, and found there are limited options right now.

“I probably am going to have to make use of that emergency drop off childcare center, as much as it scares me. I’m going put a mask on my son who has asthma and susceptible pneumonia and hope for the best,” said Lanna Heart, a single mother of two young boys who works at Cape Cod Hospital. “I don’t even take them to the grocery store. So to drop them off so I can return to work is a scary thought.”


Source: WGBH