School closes after reports of racist incidents, families file $150 million lawsuit


BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – Bloomfield Hills High School is shifting to remote learning this week just days after families filed a $150 million lawsuit over claims of racism.

The lawsuit was filed against the school district, the superintendent and the Bloomfield Hills High School principal last week.

And now the high school is shifting to remote learning as the district tries for a “cool down” period heading into Thanksgiving break.

Meanwhile, administrators will meet with staff to talk about how to better support students. Last week, two parents filed a lawsuit in response to racist graffiti and social media posts. One wrote: “All the n-words should be dead,” and a SnapChat post read “I hate n-words, they need to be extinguished.”

“They closed all the bathrooms and only one was open, and they thought that would solve the problem but it did not,” said Libby, a junior at the high school.

Closing school is apparently the next step.

“I think we should be past that at this point,” said Robert Hogans, a parent. “You know, we should … Bloomfield Hills is very diverse and we should learn how to come together and learn how to understand each other’s culture and be able to get along, and with this happening in this time, it’s very disheartening.”

So no in-person school for the high school this week. They will be back for in-person classes on Monday.

Source: Click on Detroit