A Branson woman is suing Walmart after she says an adult tricycle she bought from the store was defective and caused her to crash and suffer a traumatic brain injury.


 The lawsuit was filed in November in Taney County and transferred to federal court on Dec. 29. The defendants are Walmart and Kent International, the company that manufactured the tricycle.

According to the lawsuit, a woman purchased the tricycle for $149 in December 2015 from the Walmart on Branson Hills Parkway.

The tricycle came partially assembled, and the woman had a Walmart employee finish the assembly since Walmart offered “free in-store bike assembly,” according to the lawsuit.

Four months later — on April 4, 2016 — the woman finally got a nice, warm day to try out the tricycle.

The lawsuit says the woman walked the tricycle to the bottom of her driveway on Cliff Drive in Branson and hopped on.

According the the lawsuit, the woman got going down the hill and her brakes were not stopping the tricycle as she approached an intersection, so she had to turn abruptly and crashed. The woman went over the handlebars and crashed face-first into the curb and pavement.

Source: Springfield News-Leader