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Liquid Propane Gas; Camper; Inadequate Odorization

A 5-year-old child was severely burned when a fire occurred in the camping trailer in which she was sleeping. The child's father, who was fishing at a nearby lake, saw smoke coming from the trailer, ran into the burning trailer, and rescued her. The father

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Liquid Propane Gas; Camper

A housewife was severely burned when she ignited a stove which came with a camper she had recently purchased. There were no warnings concerning the use of LP gas provided when she bought the camper. The fuel was inadequately odorized. There were no warnings about

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Liquid Propane Gas; Unfamiliar Odor

A 59-year-old college professor of education, died two days after an LP gas explosion in his rented, furnished house in Vermont. The decedent and his wife were unfamiliar with the smell and significance of ethyl mercaptan odorant used in LP gas. His wife smelled an

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