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Products Liability – Recreational equipment

Swimming Pool; Above-Ground; Another Example

The plaintiff, a 15-year-old boy, dove into a four foot above-ground pool and suffered severe injuries resulting in guadriplegia.   He is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a home for severely physically handicapped children. Suit was brought for failure to warn and negligent

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Swimming Pool; Above-Ground

The plaintiff, a thirteen-year-old girl, dove into a four foot above-ground pool and hit her head on the bottom.   She is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair with minimal use of her arms.[62]

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Bicycle; Frame

A teacher-coach was injured when the frame of his bicycle broke apart during a bike tour.   As a result of multiple fractures and injuries received when he was thrown from the bicycle, he is a quadriplegic. An expert found that the tubes and joints

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The plaintiff was seated in a motorboat watching a waterskier.   When the boat crossed the wake of a wave, the plaintiff was ejected into the water and was subsequently struck by the boat, causing a serious injury to her hand and arm. Questions were


Flammable Camping Tent

Plaintiff and a friend were camping with a canvas tent. The tent was a winter-type tent and was equipped with a chimney to permit the use of a stove within the tent.   Although the tent manufacturer had previously made flame-retardant tents, it had stopped

Flammable Camping Tent2021-04-16T14:09:49-04:00

Roller Coaster

The plaintiff was a passenger on a roller coaster when she was thrown from it during the ride.   She fell to the tracks below, breaking her neck and back. The roller coaster was equipped with fixed or stationary restraint bars, which allowed the force

Roller Coaster2021-04-16T14:13:58-04:00

Motorcycle Helmet

The plaintiff had purchased a motorcycle helmet from the dealer where he purchased his motorcycle.   While riding his motorcycle it went out of control, throwing the rider to the ground. On impact with the ground the helmet fractured and the plaintiff suffered fatal head

Motorcycle Helmet2021-04-16T14:14:14-04:00

Boat Winch

As the plaintiff was winching his 16-foot sailboat out of the water onto a boat trailer, the hook attached to the rope on the winch snapped and flew back towards the plaintiff, striking him in the arm.   The rope and hook were already with

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