BOSTON (CBS) — Many people have wrote to WBZ-TV to share their concern about grocery workers during the coronavirus crisis. Here’s what some local grocery stores are doing to protect their workers and customers.


Trader Joe’s said they are installing plexiglass barriers at registers at all stores and providing masks and gloves to all crew members. They’ve also reduced hours, increased store cleanings and are providing an additional two weeks of sick pay for all crew members. As an additional “thank you” pay for their hard work, each crew member is earning an extra $2 an hour as well.

“We are vigilant; heeding all federal, state and local health advisories; and where it makes sense, adjusting efforts to safeguard the health and safety of our Crew Members and customers, as always guided by integrity and focused on doing what is right,” the grocery store chain said in a statement Thursday.

Source: CBS Local

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