At first, doctors said that the coronavirus was not a risk to pregnant women or the very young. But now – as the pandemic escalates and experts scramble to sketch a more in-depth understanding – some are cautioning there are still more unknowns than there are knowns.


“Giving birth in the middle of a pandemic without question has added anxiety to an already stressful situation,” Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez, assistant professor of pediatrics at New York’s Columbia University Irving Medical Center, told Fox News. “Our hospitals have worked hard to screen moms, babies, and visitors for symptoms, to test when appropriate and to closely monitor those who screen or test positive.”

Images and anecdotes from around the globe in recent weeks – depicting one’s first foray into life outside – are a wincing reflection of our sobering new world at the grips of the most significant health crisis in more than a century.

A newborn baby girl in Bangkok, Thailand, was wrapped in a onesie and a large, clear protective face shield. Parents on all coasts of the U.S. and Europe being forced to only FaceTime with their tiny, premature arrivals – unable to be physically beside them as they cocoon in neonatal intensive care units.

Source: Fox News