Being knowledgeable about patient’s rights as a patient and/or family member is especially crucial nowadays as we have had so many people hospitalized due to the pandemic.

Getting yourself a medical proxy is one step that can be made to assist in this process. All this allows is if you are uncapable of making a clear medical decisions because you are so sick, mentally incapable or something else, you can trust in that person that you have preselected to make those decisions for you. This is incredibly helpful especially during COVID, as many hospitals don’t even allow family members due to very strict protocols.

We need to protect the safety of the patients, so simple effective choices like this aid in the process. Having that medical proxy can ensure that the patient is also getting the best care available while the patient’s family is unable to visit. We can help to deal with this situation, if we think in advance about how to protect ourselves and understand what the law allows your rights to be under these circumstances.

Medical malpractice can occur in any environment where a doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider provides treatment to a patient. It can occur in a doctor’s private office or in the operating room at a hospital.

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