(CNN) – The federal agency responsible for overseeing consumer product safety is investigating Amazon-branded electronic products highlighted in a CNN investigation last year, according to records and interviews.

CNN reported last year that dozens of AmazonBasics electronics remained for sale on Amazon.com, despite customers reporting the products had melted, exploded or burst into flames. Lawmakers immediately called on the company to investigate and recall any electronics posing dangers to customers.

Now, at least eight of the items highlighted in CNN’s investigation are being reviewed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, according to letters CNN received from the agency in response to public records requests. Among the products are surge protectors, phone charging cords, a patio heater, battery charger and a voice-activated microwave that consumers reported had caught fire.
The CPSC would not say how many products are under review or what safety concerns are being examined. It also rejected CNN’s request for records about the AmazonBasics products, citing the pending investigations.
One customer who told CNN last year about how his surge protector had turned into what resembled a “blowtorch” and started a fire in his home confirmed to reporters that the CPSC contacted him for the first time in February to learn more about his experience.
Source: CNN