The U.S. military is changing its procedures and training to combat the spread of COVID-19. David Martin reports on what’s being done to protect those keeping the country safe.


Anyone joining the United States military takes an oath to defend the country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Safe to say very few of them had coronavirus in mind when they raised their right hand. By latest count, some 60,000 servicemen and women have been sent into action against this new enemy. But the military’s number one mission has been to defend its own ranks against infection. It can’t protect the nation if it can’t defend itself. The aircraft carrier Roosevelt made headlines when the coronavirus ran roughshod through its crew. And there have been other outbreaks that required drastic measures to contain. The U.S. military was up against an enemy it could not see and did not understand.

Everything in the Army starts with basic training. And every day starts before dawn. But it never looked or sounded like this before.


Source: CBS News