There are regulations in place in every state to ensure that tragedies like the Surfside Building collapse does not happen, but unfortunately there is a communication gap in the chain of command where defects and major issues are still missed.


There are building inspectors whose job is to for various defects  that are telltale signs of structural defects that could be dangerous:

  • Rust stains on the edge of your building that originate at random
  • Cracks which appear either on internal or external walls and go up or down the building in a step-like manner
  • Water leaks or concrete cracks/brittleness which cannot be tracked to an exact area above the leak
  • Brick growth/expansion which causes displacement and/or windows and doors to not fit as soundly as before
  • Lintels and arch bars (horizontal structure above doors and windows) show signs of rust and cracking of the brickwork
  • Balconies which are cracking and leaking
  • Large pieces of concrete are falling from the structure

David Angueira elaborates more on the possible reasons on why these issues were  missed at Surfside Collapse.

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