A former patient is suing the University, the GW Hospital and the Medical Faculty Associates for medical negligence when he fell and injured himself during skull surgery rehab three years ago.


In a five-page lawsuit filed in the D.C. Superior Court Tuesday, Maurice Walton alleges health care providers at GW Hospital were negligent when they failed to prevent him from allegedly falling and incurring temporary and permanent injuries when he was walking out of the shower in his room. Walton is suing GW Hospital, the MFA and the University for $5 million, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit states Walton was admitted to GW Hospital in October 2017 to undergo rehab following a head injury that required open skull surgery. When Walton was walking out of the shower in his room the next month, he fell and injured his right hip, shoulder, neck, back and head, which led to “diminished physical and cognitive abilities,” according to the complaint.

“Plaintiff would not have fallen but for that the defendants, acting through their agents and employees, breached applicable standards of care,” the complaint states.

Source: GW Hatchet