Over 1.3 million people use public transportation provided by the MBTA every day, but unfortunately people also get injured in various manners traveling public transportation.


Injuries can stem from various behaviors of neglience from the MBTA and its operators. For example; reckless driving by an operator, slip and fall, lack of snow clearing and much more.

When the MBTA fails to provide meaures to keep riders safe, the MBTA can be held responsible and legally liable for negligence


At the Boston law office of Swartz & Swartz, P.C., our injury attorneys are at the forefront of protecting victim’s rights by bringing personal injury cases to court for inadequate safety measures while traveling using the MBTA.

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Ms. Daly’s practice includes personal injury, premises liability, products liability and sexual assault. She previously worked for a well-known insurance defense firm and brings a unique perspective to Swartz & Swartz regarding the inner workings of the insurance industry.



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