ACAMPO, Calif. — A fatal 2016 skydiving accident in San Joaquin County is now the subject of a legal fight.


Yuri Garmashov is suing the United States Parachute Association over the removal of his certification.

In court papers obtained by KCRA 3, Garmashov says that a parachute tandem examiner, Rob Pooley, approached him to help continue instructing students. Pooley’s U.S. Parachute Association certification had been suspended.

Garmashov agreed, but only if in-person instruction was conducted while he was present.

He says that he left the Lodi Parachute Center in May 2016 for work abroad. Garmashov’s suit alleges that Pooley forged Garmashov’s signature to certify a tandem instructor.

That instructor and an 18-year-old first-time jumper died in an accident in August 2016. Their bodies were found in a nearby vineyard.

The USPA pulled Garmashov’s certification as a result.

He now wants the USPA to restore his membership and rating due to the fact he was not in the country when the forged certification was signed, according to the court papers.

The Lodi Parachute Center has been in the news several times in recent years due to deaths connected to the center and investigations into the business.



Source: KCRA