Deepanshu Utkarsh, a senior majoring in computer science at Tufts University, accepted a full-time, post-graduation job as a software engineer for TripAdvisor and signed a contract in November. But on March 27, he received a call from the recruiter who had hired him and learned that the job offer had been rescinded. Global travel had taken a nosedive due to COVID-19 and TripAdvisor was anticipating a decrease in revenue.


Now, Utkarsh is dealing with uncertainty and a sudden loss of stability. “I was settling into the fact that I would be here [in Boston] and making emotional investments to people and places here. And now I have to scramble and not even know where in the country I’m going to end up,” he told WGBH News.

TripAdvisor did not respond to a request for comment.


Source: WGBH

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