SALEM, Mass. — The city of Salem, Mass., has issued an emergency order requiring all people inside essential businesses to wear masks or some form of face covering, effective Sunday.


Mayor Kim Driscoll told Boston 25 News she and the city’s public health officials are concerned about the uptick in coronavirus cases and the death of a grocery store worker.

Vitalina Williams was a part-time associate of Market Basket in Salem, as well as a full-time employee of Walmart in Lynn.

Her husband, David Williams, told Boston 25 News this week his wife initially showed flu-like symptoms at the end of March. Within a few days, she experienced difficulty breathing and needed a respirator at the hospital. Days later, she died.

“When we’re talking about these front line employees in particular, working in these essential businesses that we need, trying to keep them healthy, trying to keep them safe and then trying to keep obviously members of the public from any unintended transmission,” Driscoll said, “this face covering is an extra precaution to try and flatten that curve.”

Source: Boston 25 News