Mediations are a very different event, they are not binding, there is no arbitrator involved and there is no judge involved.

They usually occur further along in the litigation process after depositions have been made, after there has been written discovery, after medical records have been produced and shared. So essentially, each side has all the information they need to really assess the true liability and value of the claim.

The mediation process brings both sides together in one place to negotiate with a mediator; the mediator, is a neutral party that can either be a retired judge or an attorney that is well known in mediation circles. Let us emphasize again that these mediations are not binding, so the parties voluntarily come together in private mediation sessions to discuss resolving the lawsuit prior to trial. If it doesn’t get resolved, then the parties leave the mediation and continue on with the litigation process towards a possible trial.

There are a multitude of categories of personal injury claims and personal injury damages, with many steps required in order to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.


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Ms. Daly’s practice includes personal injury, premises liability, products liability and sexual assault. She previously worked for a well-known insurance defense firm and brings a unique perspective to Swartz & Swartz regarding the inner workings of the insurance industry.



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