The federal government’s COVID-19 chief for New England said he could not explain the missing shipments of ventilators and medical masks Massachusetts has experienced, and cited a scarcity of supplies “that we’ve never faced before.”


In a WBUR interview, Capt. W. Russell Webster, the federal coordinating officer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s regional office in Boston confirmed that 200 more ventilators are “en route” within the next 48 hours to the state from the national stockpile, for a total of 400 shipped to the state in the last week.

But that’s still well below the 1,700 Gov. Charlie Baker had requested — and the 1,000 he had expected to arrive a week ago.

“I don’t know where the number a thousand came from,” Webster said. “I will tell you that ventilators, among other medical supplies, are scarce regardless of where you are.”

Source: WBUR

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