Hoods could fly open on certain Nissan vehicles because of a faulty latch prompting the carmaker to recall thousands of cars for the fourth time.


A coating can flake off the secondary hood latch, leaving bare metal that, over time, can cause rust and cause it to stay open on Altimas built from 2013 to 2018 model years, The Associated Press reported.

If the main latch is not closed, the secondary might not be able to hold down the hood.

The first recall for this problem was in 2014. Another was in 2015. Both times, the repair was made by fixing a lever and adjusting the secondary latch. A 2016 recall replaced the latches with new ones.

Nissan does not have a fix yet for the latest recall. Owners will get letters with instructions on how to inspect and maintain the latch. Owners will get another letter when a repair is developed.

A link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration where people could check if their vehicle is affected:


The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Source: Boston 25 News

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