Playgrounds are engaging places for children to be outdoors and active, and to make new friends. Despite these great benefits, playgrounds are also one of the most common places where kids get hurt.

Each year, more than 220,000 children under age of 14 are treated in emergency rooms across the United States for injuries that occured on playgrounds.

There are several things that parents and caregivers can do to help keep playgrounds safeer for children. This includes providing strong consistent supervision, inspecting equipment to ensure that they are free of potential hazards, and steering kids to age-appropriate play areas.

Source: Ortho Info

While most playground injuries occur on public playground swings and climbing equipment,
70 percent of deaths occurred on home playgrounds.

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In any situation, Swartz & Swartz, P.C. is dedicated to helping clients with young children who may have been injured on an improperly designed public playground or defective playground that is designated for home/personal usage.

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