Law Offices of Jason Turchin announces the filing of another pressure cooker explosion lawsuit against Coral Springs-based company, Tristar Products, Inc. and several other companies.


Turchin’s product liability lawyers continue to handle several claims against Tristar Products on behalf of victims allegedly injured by exploding pressure cookers distributed by Tristar Products. This is the third such case filed over the past week. The lawsuit, Reyes v. Tristar Products, Inc., et. al. was filed on April 15, 2020 in the Circuit Court in Broward County, Florida, under Filing # 106274000.

The lawsuit alleges that Reyes followed all instructions, when it suddenly and without warning exploded, causing scalding hot liquid, contents, and steam to fly out of the Pressure Cooker and onto the Plaintiff. The pressure cooker was allegedly distributed by Tristar Products, Inc. and was manufactured by one or more of the other Defendants.

Source: Yahoo Finance
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