Some of the most tragic personal injury cases are the cases that  involve young children. The team at Swartz & Swartz P.C. are very experienced in handling these unfortunate cases, but our clients should know that there are some slight nuances that you should be made aware of when it involves a child. 

Traditionally, personal injury cases involving adults usually run with a statute of limitations that lasts for 3 years depending on the case. However; for children that time period can be extended significantly up to and past their 18th birthday depending on their age at the time of the incident as well as other factors. So there are cases, when it can be too soon to file on behalf of the child because there may be long term physical and cognitive effects that may appear later on.

Common Personal Injury Cases Involving Children:

We work with medical professionals to document and decide on  the best course of action on how we can fight for the children and their families involved. In doing so, we ensure that we have best opportunity to win that fight and hold those involved responsible for the irreparable damages that they have caused.

Medical negligence can cause significant trauma at birth, leading to death and catastrophic injuries, such as neurological injury, developmental delays and related impairments, brain damage, shoulder dystocia, and cerebral palsy

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A Massachusetts lawyer at Swartz & Swartz, P.C. will ensure that your family’s rights are protected if you have a child that has been injured due to the negligence of others. If your family has experienced such a tragedy, please contact us.

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