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Drug Facility Malfunction: Are you Taking the Right Medication?

Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. has announced a voluntary recall, along with a temporary shutdown of its Nebraska production facility. The recall relates to the over-the-counter drugs Bufferin, Excedrin, Gas-X Prevention, and NoDoz and results from reports of chipped and broken pills, as well as "inconsistent

Drug Facility Malfunction: Are you Taking the Right Medication?2021-04-16T07:21:58-04:00

The Dangers of Avastin

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a national recall of the breast cancer drug, Avastin. After a careful review, FDA officials concluded that this medication, touted as a treatment for breast cancer patients, does not effectively slow the spread of cancer or prolong

The Dangers of Avastin2022-03-01T06:23:35-04:00

HairCare Recalls Toxic Straightening Product

How can we protect ourselves from infection and disease if we use everyday products without knowing what goes into them? Consumers regularly purchase and use products made and distributed by various industries without being told of sometimes toxic ingredients. For example, scores of customers worldwide

HairCare Recalls Toxic Straightening Product2021-04-16T14:24:30-04:00

Childrens’ Jewelry Recalled!

On July 13, 2010, the government announced a safety recall of over 130,000 metal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings due to excessive levels of the toxic chemical cadmium.   This jewelry was sold for use by children – cadmium is toxic once ingested, and reportedly can

Childrens’ Jewelry Recalled!2021-04-16T14:52:40-04:00
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