On December 29th, 2010, a suspected natural gas explosion leveled a 44-year-old family-owned furniture store near Detroit, in Wayne, Michigan, killing two employees and leaving the owner critically injured.


The Fire Chief reported that the fire department had discovered the bodies of a 54-year-old woman and a 64-year-old man in the rubble, both of whom were employed at the store. The store owner, Paul Franks (age 64), was pulled from the explosion shortly after it occurred. Mr. Franks was in serious but stable condition at the University of Michigan Hospital.
A spokesperson for the gas utility, Consumers Energy, stated that a Consumers Energy gas worker was two blocks away from the site investigating a reported gas leak at the time of the incident.
Factors causing or contributing to gas explosions resulting in burn injuries or death have included improper gas line locations, faulty parts, and equipment in or near homes and offices, defective camping equipment, and defectively designed propane stoves. Also, it is critical that gas be properly odorized so that consumers can detect leaks that would otherwise be odorless.
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