Personal injury claims in general involve allegations that the negligence of another person caused an injured party’s injuries, and that as a result, some form of some form of monetary compensation should be paid.

When the injuries are so extensive as to be significantly life-altering, they are categorized as catastrophic.

Such compensation is paid to the victim by whoever is at fault, that is, the individual legally responsible for the accident. In many instances – whether a motor vehicle, workplace, or recreational activity accident – the responsible party’s liability insurance company will be directly involved in the legal process, hiring its own investigators and attorneys, with the goal of defending claims brought against its insured.

Before such damages can be sought, an in-depth investigation must be pursued, to answer some critical questions, such as: the nature and cause of the injury; the effect of the injury on a victim’s work, lifestyle, and daily activities; and the effect on physical and emotional well-being. Damages recoverable for personal injuries are typically classified as compensatory.

Some compensatory damages can be specifically quantified based on accrued or expected costs incurred, while others, such as pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life, are less easily determined.

Catastrophic injuries – brain injuries, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and limb amputations – present significant challenges to every aspect of daily living. 

Catastrophic injury lawyer

Recovery from catastrophic injuries can take significant time, even years, and even then, recovery likely will be incomplete. When a full recovery will not be possible, the injured person will enter into a physical therapy and rehabilitation program to learn how to maximize independence and functioning.

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