Car wrecks do not happen intentionally, which is why the term ‘accident’ is used. However, the unfortunate fact is that car accidents are on the rise in the U.S., mostly because of driver error.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drivers are responsible for around 94% of car accidents. If you or your loved one has been involved in a car crash, you need to know how to protect your rights.

At Swartz & Swartz, The Boston Car Accident Attorney, we will help you understand all legal options and rights following a car accident.

You Have The Right To An Attorney

Though there are many ways to protect your rights, nothing matches the benefit of hiring a professional, experienced personal injury law firm for legal advice. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney helps you with your car accident claim, especially if you are not aware of your rights. Firstly, a lawyer will perform their own investigation into the accident and identify all details of the case. In addition, they will act as a shield for you from insurance companies looking to deny your damage claims. 

Remember, the right personal injury lawyer in Boston will represent your case and demand your rights are met to the fullest extent, all while you focus on what is more important – recovery.

Call The Police

One of the most important steps you should take following a car accident is to contact emergency dispatch, especially when there is an injury, death, or property damage.

Even if the car crash does not fall under the above-said guidelines, do not hesitate to call the police. Involving the police in the case adds another solid layer of documentation to your claim. Moreover, this also helps to prevent situations in which someone causes a dispute or denies the accident. 

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Your number one priority should be to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you do not need emergency medical care at the scene, don’t forget to see a doctor afterwards. Just make sure you are honest with the doctor about your pain and discomfort. The right treatment, given and received, in the right way can reduce the pain and prevent injuries from worsening. 

What’s more is that medical bills, doctor’s notes, and treatment records can act as the best evidence of injuries. While dealing with an at-fault driver’s insurer, those may help your personal injury law firm provide an accurate basis for your settlement demand.

Do Not Admit Fault

Your legal right to “remain silent” can be used if the fault is not immediately clear.

The fault is only determined by a court of law. Therefore, you do need to admit fault following a collision just because you are guilty or mistakenly believe that you are to be blamed. At the same time, we suggest you not give dishonest or misleading statements to the police. 

Note: You are always allowed to decline to answer questions if you feel that matter isn’t clear and needs to be investigated further.

Talk To Witnesses

You also have the right to seek out any witnesses of the car accident. You can ask those witnesses to present written or verbal statements to the police so that those can be included in their report. 

In case the accident involves wrongful death, the family of the deceased can ask questions and solicit information from witnesses. This will provide your Boston wrongful death attorney with more corroborating information, further strengthening your claim.


After a car accident, your first call should be to a professional, experienced Boston car accident attorney, such as the team of Swartz & Swartz, P.C. We are here to help you during the entire litigation process, from investigating your case to protecting your legal rights. Please call us at (617) 742-1900  or contact us online for a consultation.


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