Boston police said Tuesday that they’re still investigating what exactly caused an elevator accident that killed an adult woman Monday evening in Allston.


The city’s police and fire department responded to the incident at 1140 Commonwealth Ave. at approximately 5:13 p.m. Monday, Officer Stephen McNulty, a BPD spokesman, told They arrived at the five-floor apartment building to find a woman in her 30s dead in the elevator, as The Boston Globe reported Monday evening.

Official didn’t have many more details than that to share Tuesday. McNulty said that police had no updates and didn’t anticipate any further information. An employee at a realty firm located at building also declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Witnesses told reporters at the scene Monday night that the “gruesome” accident occurred as the woman was loading a box into the “old-fashioned” elevator when the car dropped between floors.

“I heard someone that was bringing in a package out in the hallway, and then I heard an ungodly scream,” Leanne Scorzoni, a resident of the apartment building, told WCVB. “Then we ran out into the hallway, and we saw a gentleman who was obviously in distress. He was screaming and hyperventilating, saying: ‘She’s dead! She’s dead!’”

According to police, a second person suffering from shock was also taken to a local hospital. The victim has not been publicly identified. But according to WCVB, she had recently moved into the building.

Scorzini said the roof of the elevator was visible from the first-floor lobby (the building also has a semi-basement level).

“Everything was down, but I could see the cables and the roof of the car, so the car had to have gone at least halfway down,” Scorzini told WCVB.

Source: WCVB