The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of women’s dresses by Topson Downs, sold exclusively at Macy’s stores nationwide. The dress brand is Bar III, lined with a sheer rayon outer layer, with a “Mint Chili Combo” checkered, multi-colored, and black pattern. These dresses violated the federal flammability standard for wearing apparel, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. As of June, 2011, approximately 2,100 dresses have been recalled.


Every year, consumers are victimized by dangerous, defective products, potentially leading to catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Designers, manufacturers and distributors of such products are too eager to place the blame on individual purchasers and users, often claiming “accidents will happen,” or that safety measures would not have made a difference. Many tragic deaths and serious injuries could be avoided if more corporations would be responsible enough to manufacture their products within the confines of existing regulations, such as the Federal Flammability Standard, which is in place to protect consumers from catastrophic burn injuries caused by excessively flammable materials.

Severe burn injuries often involve damage to skin and nerve, requiring extensive treatment which may include skin grafts. Such injuries can be among the most painful for victims of negligence. It is critically important that such injuries be treated immediately by appropriate medical personnel, including pain specialists and plastic surgeons.

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