2019 Boston Personal Injury Resources Map

This is a must have free resource related to an emergency, a personal injury, or researching contact information on various agencies and departments. It’s important to note, if you’re facing a life-threatening emergency, you should dial 911 and talk to an emergency dispatcher immediately.

Whether you’ve been in an accident, in need of emergency services, or looking for the contact information of a particular government agency, we’ve taken the time to compile a fully interactive PDF resource for you. Fully interactive with live links, and separated by important categories, Swartz & Swartz has created this 20 page, downloadable document.

Inside this free download, you’ll find, A map of Boston with: Police Stations, Hospitals, Fire Stations, Court Houses, Health Clinics and Local Government Agencies. These high resolution maps can be printed and pinned to the back of your cubical, kept in an easy to reach location, or stored on your computer for easy access. We’ve not only identified these locations on the Boston map, we’ve listed out the names, addresses and linked to their websites.

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