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    Being involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting from the negligence of another party can be a frustrating experience. It can also be a costly one.

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    Luckily, if you’re involved in a collision in Massachusetts, your own insurer is responsible for compensating you after an accident. Massachusetts uses the no-fault system, meaning you would file a claim with your own insurance company after a collision, even if someone else caused it.

    The compensation your insurer provides is meant to help you with medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses resulting from a collision. However, while they may technically be your insurer, that doesn’t mean the insurance company is inclined or incentivized to offer you the full amount of compensation for which you may be eligible.

    In addition, there are instances when it’s possible to step outside of the no-fault system in Massachusetts. You could file a

    Published On: November 26, 20234.7 min read

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