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  • What if a Self Driving Ride Hailing Car Hits a Pedestrian car accidents

What if a Self-Driving, Ride-Hailing Car Hits a Pedestrian?

By |April 27, 2022|

Watch This Related Video Skip & Keep Reading This Article Get Legal Help Now Car Accident Services Although Uber abandoned its attempt to offer customers rides via self-driving cars a couple of years ago, industry experts still generally predict that once autonomous vehicles are more reliable and available, one of their most prevalent uses will be to offer essentially the same services that companies like Uber and Lyft


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  • James Swartz Slip and Fall YTFB Cover YT

James Swartz on Holiday Toy Safety

December 11, 2019|

James Swartz on Holiday Toy Safety   Toys are often colorful and innocent-looking and should provide hours of safe enjoyment and learning opportunities. Unfortunately, defective toys, sold for infants and children

  • Swartz Cover Image YTFB E Cig

James Swartz on Personal Injury

October 22, 2019|

James Swartz on Personal Injury Law   What is the definition of “Personal Injury”? In the legal context, a “personal injury” is an injury that occurs to a person, as opposed




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