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Underground Propane Gas Tank

Forty-two-year-old man sustained catastrophic burn injuries while filling an underground propane gas tank. Unknown to the man, the underground tank had been inactive for years and had developed a hole. When the propane was inserted into the tank, it leaked out onto the adjacent ground

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Push Toy

A 2-year-old boy sustained serious brain damage from anoxia caused when his air supply was cut off by the knob of a push toy handle which detached itself and lodged in his throat. The manufacturer was liable for negligent defective design and construction of the

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W.A.T.C.H.’S 2017 Nominees for “10 WORST TOYS”

  HALLMARK “ITTY BITTYS” BABY STACKING TOY PRICE: $24.99 MANUFACTURER OR DISTRIBUTOR: Hallmark Marketing Company, LLC; RETAILER(S): AGE RECOMMENDATION: None WARNINGS: None HAZARD: Potential for Choking Injuries! W.A.T.C.H. OUT!: This plush Disney-themed stacking toy with four rattling rings is sold without age recommendations

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Top 5 Worst Intersections in Massachusetts for Car Accidents

Using ten years of Massachusetts Department of Transportation data through 2013, NBC Boston recently determined the five intersections with the highest number of car accidents. They included in their data dings, fender benders, and more serious crashes. The intersection between Columbia Road and the Expressway in Boston

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Catastrophic Brain Injury of Child Prompts Recall of Residential Elevators Due to Crushing Hazard

On March 19, 2015, the government announced a recall of Elmira Hydraulic residential hydraulic elevators, installed in homes with multiple floors. Despite the foreseeability of such elevators being used in environments with small children, these products were sold with a significant defect – the elevator

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