Medical Malpractice: Robotic Surgery

Medical Mistakes Injure More Than 10% of Patients

A single-vehicle accident can leave you with injuries that may require costly medical treatment. Your injuries can also prevent you from returning to work. By: James Swartz Managing & Principal Attorney - Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries, Contract and

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Increase in Robotic Surgeries Raise Concerns

Robotic surgical equipment, now solely made in the United States by Intuitive surgical Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., has been a topic of controversy since its U.S Food and Drug Administration approval in 2000.   Recently at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, seven nurses and doctors

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Medical Devices – Injury Risks Can Be Significant

While technology advances, so do the prospects of healing the sick and repairing the disabled parts of our bodies. However, with progress comes costs ¾ the costs of the people injured and the lives lost by medical devices being designed and manufactured with defects and

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Robot Surgery Risk Needs Disclosure as Injuries Rise

Many robotic surgeries involve a doctor utilizing a video-game-style console several feet from the patient, where he or she peers into a high-definition display.   Foot pedals and hand controls are often used to maneuver mechanical arms equipped with surgical tools, guided by a 3-D

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