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    Hosting a party naturally involves some degree of responsibility. To a reasonable extent, a party host must make an attempt to ensure the safety of all guests. For example, perhaps someone is hosting a backyard barbecue. If so, they must make a reasonable attempt to minimize the chances of hazards on the property putting guests at risk of harm.

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    However, sometimes party posts are negligent. In Massachusetts, depending on the nature and consequences of their negligence, they may be held liable in future legal proceedings.

    How Massachusetts’s Premises Liability Laws Apply to Party Hosts

    All states have premises liability statutes. Although the specific details and wording of these statutes can vary from one state to another, in general, premises liability laws state that the owner of a property is responsible for ensuring the safety of anyone with a legal right to be on said property. This can

    Published On: October 1, 20234.3 min read