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Airplane-Weight and Balance

Woman sustained multiple trauma including a severe injury to her left leg, when the aircraft in which she was a passenger crashed shortly after take-off. The aircraft was owned by defendant A and leased to defendant C. The pilot at the time of the incident

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Airplane Engine Failure

An experienced pilot and flight instructor of a small twinengine aircraft was killed moments after take-off when the plane suddenly crashed to the ground. Examination revealed that there was a defect in the oil pump of one of the plane's engines which caused the crash.

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Airplane Seat Mechanism

When a strong gust of wind forced the pilot-plaintiff of a small aircraft to abandon landing plans, the airplane struck a tree. The crash occurred as a result of a malfunction of the pilot's seat mechanism which caused the plaintiff to lose control of the

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Auxiliary Fuel Tank

An F101B fighter plane was forced to abort a take-off due to engine flare-out. As the plane entered the overrun of the runway, one landing gear collapsed. The plane had two auxiliary fuel drop tanks under the wings. When the gear collapsed one tank impacted

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Due to an altimeter reading that registered approximately 2000 feet higher than the actual altitude, a pilot of a commercial airliner apparently badly misjudged his landing approach to an airport, crashing his plane into a row of suburban houses. Suit is based on the defective

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