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Stacking Merchandise

The woman and her husband were walking down the aisle of a home improvement store when a large shower stall was pushed by a store employee from a high rack where it had been stored by the home improvement store.   The shower stall fell

Stacking Merchandise2021-04-15T17:09:33-04:00

Store Design; Inadequate Security

Sixteen-year-old convenience-store customer sustained catastrophic anoxic brain injury when an altercation ensued at an unmonitored outdoor alcove of a convenience store; the alcove was a known "blind spot" to convenience store employees.   The convenience store, which was a standard design built to convenience store

Store Design; Inadequate Security2021-04-15T14:40:19-04:00

Fallen Power Line

Minor was electrocuted when she came into contact with a high voltage uninsulated live primary electric power line owned by defendant.   The line had fallen during a major storm, and had remained down for an estimated 27 hours despite more than 25 calls to

Fallen Power Line2021-04-16T05:30:28-04:00

Power Line; Inadequate Fusing

Plaintiff, a 15-year-old girl, and her friends were walking in their suburban neighborhood following a winter blizzard.   The streets had been plowed. A live electric wire was hanging down on the sidewalk. The plaintiff came into contact with the wire and was electrocuted. There

Power Line; Inadequate Fusing2021-04-16T12:36:58-04:00

Electric Power Lines and Wires

The plaintiff's decedent died as a result of exposure to live electric power lines and wires adjacent to the family home premises.   The plaintiff charged the public utility with negligently constructing and selecting power lines and wires which were dangerous and defective, that lacked

Electric Power Lines and Wires2021-04-15T14:04:55-04:00

Telephone Pole

A young man, upon leaving a friend's house after a party, bumped into the guy wire of a telephone pole and was electrocuted.   The guy wire was electrified as a result of defective crosswiring and grounding.[113]

Telephone Pole2021-04-15T17:12:38-04:00

High-Voltage Electrical Wire; Lack of Insulators

Plaintiff, a 40-year-old laborer, was installing aluminum siding on a house. Power lines were located in close proximity to the house where he was working.   The insulation on the power lines was frayed and broken and the live wires were exposed. The power company

High-Voltage Electrical Wire; Lack of Insulators2021-04-16T14:12:14-04:00

Stairway Design

A woman shopper on her way down a set of stairs in a department store, fell, sustaining severe and permanent hip injury.   Plaintiff's expert concluded that the fall was causally connected to the design of the stairway. A problem existed with respect to the

Stairway Design2021-04-15T15:20:13-04:00

Utility Power Tower; Another Example

In a fact pattern similar to §1:286, a 12-year-old boy climbed a high tension utility tower on the grounds of a state institution.   The pole itself was designed by a utility company in such a manner so as to resemble a "jungle gym." It

Utility Power Tower; Another Example2021-04-16T05:29:18-04:00

Utility Power Pole

A 12-year-old boy was playing with some friends in a playground located on government property. There was a high tension utility tower near the swings.   The tower was not fenced off so that children could not reach it, and there were no warning signs

Utility Power Pole2021-04-16T13:57:52-04:00

Utility Pole

A bus which was parked in front of an amusement park slowly backed up and hit a utility pole. The concrete pole was set 13 inches from the curve.   The pole snapped and fell upon a nine-year-old girl on a recreational trip with her

Utility Pole2021-04-16T06:17:34-04:00

Highway Barrier

A woman was driving down a divided four-lane highway. As she negotiated a curve in the road, her car skidded on some material that was on the road.   Her car crashed into the guardrail barrier which separated her lane from the lanes of oncoming

Highway Barrier2021-04-15T17:26:16-04:00
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