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Hydraulic Lift

Worker suffered traumatic and permanent disabling injuries when his right ankle and foot were trapped and crushed while using the defendants' hydraulic lift gate. Plaintiff was standing on the lift gate and controlling the upward movement of the lift with the accessible control bar. When

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Lap Belt – Another Example

Eight-year-old boy sustained serious spinal injuries resulting in paraplegia from a rear seat lap belt installed as original equipment in his mother's car. The boy was seated in the right seating position of the middle bench seat of his mother's car. Prior to impact, he

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Lap/Shoulder Belt Option v. Standard Equipment

One child died and one was severely injured when the wagon driven by their father collided with another vehicle. The children were seated in the middle bench seat wearing the lap seat belts provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer sold the same wagon with rear

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The plaintiff was driving a late model American-made car and was in the process of accelerating when his accelerator pedal stuck and did not release. A serious crash resulted and plaintiff sustained serious and permanent injuries. Expert examination revealed that the cause of the accelerator's


Exploding Air Bag

Plaintiff's husband had been given a car by his company for his business use which was equipped with an air bag, the purpose of which was to inflate upon collision of the car with an object. While the plaintiff and her husband were sitting in

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Exhaust System

Plaintiff, who had been a truck driver for 20 years, was given a new diesel truck to drive in the course of his employment. The plaintiff noticed as he was driving the cab that it filled up with exhaust. He complained about the exhaust to

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Abandoned Car; Gas Tank Explosion

The plaintiff, a 13-year-old boy, had been fishing in a nearby river on a cold spring day. He built a small fire near an old car in a field to keep warm. As plaintiff was standing near the car there was a flash fire and

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Tailgate Latch

As a family was driving on a major highway in their new station wagon, the rear tailgate door suddenly opened, causing a child to fall out of the car. The car following behind the station wagon struck the child and caused her serious injury. Before

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Gas Tank Fire and Explosion

The driver was killed due to burn injuries and his passenger was extensively and severely burned when the automobile in which they were riding burst into flames upon being struck in the rear by another vehicle. Suit was brought against the manufacturer on negligence, breach

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Automobile Seat Design

While plaintiff's small foreign car was stalled on an interstate highway, it was struck from behind. During the rear impact collision, the loading force of the passenger against the seat back caused an upward force on the seat bottom. The force was strong enough to

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Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle

The plaintiff was severely injured when the four-wheel drive vehicle he was driving rolled over, trapping him underneath. Examination of the vehicle and available literature revealed that this type of vehicle, even at low speed, was extremely vulnerable to rollovers due to its high center-of-gravity.

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Utility Truck

Plaintiff suffered severe, permanent, disabling, and disfiguring injuries including a fracture dislocation of the cervical spine at C5-6 level with resulting quadriplegia after a utility vehicle went out of control. Plaintiff's recovery was based on allegations that said vehicle was defective in that its fiberglass

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