Products Liability – Cartons, containers, bottles

Soft Drink Carton

A woman selected a six-pack carton of cola from the shelf in the store. Holding the carton in one hand by the handle, and a bag of groceries in the other, she left the store and proceeded to cross a street.   At that time

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Glass Coffee Container

A family had purchased a new automatic drip coffee pot and had used it for several months without incident.   While the mother was carrying the glass coffee container down some stairs to the breakfast area, the pot shattered causing hot, scalding coffee to spill

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Perfume Bottle

The plaintiff wished to surprise his wife on their anniversary by purchasing a large bottle of perfume for her in a local retail store.   A salesgirl placed one bottle on the counter for the husband to sample. As the plaintiff bent over to twist

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Soft Drink Bottle

A nine-year-old girl, while running home with a bottle of soft drink, tripped and fell on the bottle, which exploded, blinding the girl in one eye.   Despite the supposed external blow to the bottle, plaintiff established through expert analysis of the bottle fragments, that

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