Products Liability – Children’s toys

Slingshot; Hunting-Type – Children’s Toys

A hunting-type slingshot toys was being sold by a local dimestore as a toy for children. It was purchased by one young teenager whose younger brother then used it.   The younger brother accidentally fired it, causing the projectile to strike a playmate in the

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Push Toy – Children’s Toys

A 2-year-old boy sustained serious brain damage from anoxia caused when his air supply was cut off by the knob of a push toy handle which detached itself and lodged in his throat.   The manufacturer was liable for negligent defective design and construction of

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Slingshot; Wire – Children’s Toys

A ten-year-old boy purchased a small wire slingshot from a toy rack in a convenience food store located in a neighboring state. The slingshot had been made in Japan.   Soon after the purchase, he fired a projectile from the slingshot which struck a six-year-old

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Model Car Fuel – Children’s Toys

A young boy received a model racing car in the mail as a premium from a soft-drink manufacturer.   The starter mechanism of the car threw off sparks which ignited the vapors of the racing fuel, causing a flashback explosion of the fuel can. Neither

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An 8-year-old girl was playing a game of outdoor "Lawn" darts with her playmates. The object of the game was to throw the heavy, pointed darts in the air and try to get them to land in the center of a plastic ring placed on

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Lawn Dart

10-year-old girl and her sister were playing in their yard. The girl's sister was playing with lawn darts.   Upon leaving the yard and going into her house, the girl was struck in the head with one of the lawn darts. The girl sustained a

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An 11-year-old boy was playing with a toy airplane. The plane was attached to a string and was spun around one's head.   When the boy attempted to stop the plane, the nose of the plane struck him in the eye and he was blinded.

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Toy Figurine

A 1-1/2-year-old boy was given a toy which included several small figurines. The age recommendations on the box stated that the toy was suitable for very young children.   The child ingested one of the small figurines, which were too narrow in diameter, and the

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