Products Liability – Defective housing

Faulty Wiring

Four members of a family were severely burned in a fire in their home due to faulty electrical wiring.   The wiring had been installed in blatant violation of the building code; the resultant fire was then rapidly spread by carpeting which had not been

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Mobile Home; Plumbing

A 1-year-old boy pulled a pipe from the hot water faucet out of its sleeve located in a cabinet under the bathroom sink of his family's mobile home.   He sustained serious burns. The plaintiffs contended that the manufacturer of the mobile home did not

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Cellar Steps

Plaintiffs purchased a new home from a local home builder. The builder had failed to install a hand railing on the outer portion of the cellar steps.   The plaintiffs' five-year-old son, while going down the steps, fell some fifteen feet, off the side of

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