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The plaintiff, a 12-year-old boy, was walking beside his friend who was mowing his lawn. Suddenly, a rock shot out from under the lawnmower and struck the plaintiff in the left eye, resulting in permanent loss of vision in the eye. Investigation revealed that the


Baby Bath Seat

One-year-old baby boy died when his bath seat tipped over, causing him to submerge in the bath water and ultimately drown. The boy was seated in a baby bath seat manufactured by the defendant. The boy's mother briefly left the bathroom to check on the

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Elderly woman was found barely conscious on the floor of her home with both legs trapped between the seat and ottoman portion of a reclining chair designed, manufactured, and distributed by the defendant. As a result, the woman had to have both knees amputated. Defects


Gas Stove; Childproof Knobs

Two toddlers, ages 15 months and 2 years, were severely burned while they were sitting on a gas stove top. The children allegedly had covered themselves with vegetable shortening and while sitting on the gas burners succeeded in turning the burners to the "on" position.

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Canned Cooking Oil

Plaintiff, a 2-year-old boy, was near a stove which had an exposed burner light. While holding an aerosol can of cooking oil, the can exploded in the child's face. The young boy was severely cut on his face resulting in the removal of one of

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Drain Cleaner Container; Empty

A young mother rinsed an empty drain cleaner can with water, and making very certain that no water remained in it, she replaced the cap and placed the can on the stairs to await being placed with the trash. Minutes later, her three year old

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Smoke Detector

Three sons died and a daughter was burned as a result of a fire in the family home. A smoke detector and related electrical systems malfunctioned. Other family members escaped but the home and property were partially destroyed. Plaintiffs, among other proofs, contended the decibel

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Wringer Washer

The plaintiff, who was eight months pregnant, was feeding some wash into the wringer mechanism of her new washer. Her fingers became entangled in the wet clothes and were pulled into the wringer mechanism, causing her to sustain injuries to her arm. The washer was

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Drain Cleaner; Liquid in Bottle

A young mother shopping with her two children at a local supermarket selected a bottle of caustic drain cleaner from a shelf. As she was holding the bottle so as to read the directions, the cap fell off, spilling the cleaner on the children. The

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Coffee Pot

A young mother invited some neighbors over for coffee. She made the coffee in a decorative perk coffee pot. After she placed it on the table a friend picked it up to pour herself a cup. As she was pouring the handle separated from the

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The plaintiff mother placed her infant daughter to sleep through the night in her new crib. The next morning, when the mother went to check on her baby, she saw her child entrapped between the crib's side rail and its mattress/mattress support. Specifically, the back


Portable Crib

9-month-old baby boy is sleeping in his portable crib when the crib collapses and overturns, suffocating the baby. The baby's family sues the portable crib manufacturer for defective design and failure to warn of the risk of the crib collapsing, overturning and suffocating babies. The

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