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Products Liability – Industrial accidents

Black Lung Disease

At the age of 48, an arrow crafter began to experience progressive shortness of breath. The crafter had been involved in running an archery store for many years and later began to cut carbon-graphite arrow shafts in his shop for sale to his customers.  

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Fall From Scaffolding

Fifty-three-year-old worker died when the scaffolding that he was standing on collapsed, causing him to fall to the ground.   After the incident, the Boston Police investigated and found that the "saddle" portion of a side bracket manufactured by defendant had spread open. Plaintiff's experts

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Electrical Accident

While working to insulate a third floor attic window of a residential property, the insulation installer sustained electrical burn injuries that ultimately resulted in a brain aneurysm causing his death.   The aluminum ladder at the site was not tall enough to reach the attic

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Grain Bin Explosion

A thirty-five-year-old man died in an explosion at an Egg farm feed mill while working on the premises to repair bins used to hold grain and other material kept at the mill.   The explosion occurred when a mill employee erroneously removed a product from

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Grinding Wheel – Industrial Accidents

The thirty-eight-year-old male employee was operating an Industrial Accidents grinding machine with a grinding wheel in the manner it was intended to be used when the wheel suddenly fractured into several pieces, causing the employee to suffer severe and debilitating injuries to his right thigh

Grinding Wheel – Industrial Accidents2021-04-15T14:36:12-04:00

Carburetor Spray

Thirty-nine-year-old male was burned over 80% of his body while working as an automobile mechanic.   The mechanic was using carburetor spray manufactured by the defendant when the spray ignited, causing a flash fire. The mechanic brought a product liability action against the spray manufacturer.

Carburetor Spray2021-04-16T13:04:17-04:00

Safety Glasses

Worker sustained serious injuries resulting in permanent loss of vision when a bungee cord broke and caused blunt eye trauma to the worker's left eye.   At the time of the accident, the worker was wearing a pair of defendant's safety glasses. The worker brought

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Electrical System

While electrician performed electrical work on the electrical panel at a place of business, a dangerous and defective electrical system at the business caused a fire explosion to occur.   The electrician was caused to sustain severe burn injuries. The business's electrical system was defective

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Knuckle Puller

Worker was properly using a knuckle puller while conducting a brake job on an automobile, when the hook portion of the knuckle puller came free of the ball joint hold, striking the worker's right eye.   The knuckle puller was defective in that the hook

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Strand Jack

Worker sustained serious injury to his leg when the Strand Jack he was using blew apart.   Worker contended that the accident resulted from defects in the Jack and some of its component parts.

Strand Jack2021-04-16T13:32:15-04:00

Roll Feed Punch Press Machine

Worker's left hand was pulled into a roll feed punch press machine and crushed between the sheet and rollers.   As a result, the worker's ring finger and little finger were amputated. The front end of the machine presented a pinch point sufficient to crush

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Falling Pallet of Bricks

A fifty-year-old man sustained a catastrophic brain injury when a pallet of bricks weighing 3000 pounds was dropped into a smokestack where he was working, striking him in the head and knocking him from a platform inside the stack.   At the time of the

Falling Pallet of Bricks2021-04-16T05:20:04-04:00
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