Products Liability – Playground equipment

Chain Ladder With Exposed Metal Base

Two-year-old boy sustained a depressed skull fracture and related traumatic injuries when he fell from a chain ladder onto an exposed metal base at the playground.   The boy's foot slipped on the chain ladder, causing him to fall "head first" toward the exposed, flat

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Jungle Gym

Four-year-old boy sustained leg injury when he fell from a jungle gym. The jungle gym was made specifically for children to climb upon.   Notwithstanding the climbing nature of the jungle gym, the area under the gym was not sufficiently covered with a material that

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Outdoor Slide

A 9-year-old boy decided to try out a new outdoor slide that his friend had just received.   As he was sliding down the slide he held onto the outside edge, as would have been expected. The sharp metal edge of the slide was not

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Amusement Park Ride

Plaintiff was severely injured while dismantling an amusement ride at a defendant amusement park when he struck a part of the ride known as a "pin" with a hammer.   The pin shattered sending metal fragments into both of his eyes. Plaintiff charged that defendant

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Swing; Defective Chain Link

A 5-year-old girl was swinging on a new swing that she received for her birthday.   As she was swinging backwards the chain holding the swing snapped and she fell backwards. The plaintiff has a broken neck and it is doubtful whether she will ever

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Swing; Defective S-Hook

A 6-year-old boy was playing on an outdoor swing. The swing could easily be removed from the chain, and in fact this is what the boy did.   The boy then climbed the chain and slid down it. The second time he did this he

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