Products Liability – Sports equipment

Rawlings Recalls Catcher’s Helmets Due to Risk of Head Injury

This recall involves the Rawlings CHMACH-SR (Senior) Catchers Helmet.  The recalled helmets have “MACH” printed on the hangtag originally attached to the helmet.  “Rawlings” is printed on the side of the helmet and the “R” Rawlings logo is printed on the front center of the

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Revolver – Accidental Discharge

Gentleman sustained catastrophic injuries when his revolver accidentally discharged, resulting in a bullet entering his brain.   The revolver at issue was a notoriously defective Old Model single action revolver manufactured by the defendant gun manufacturer. It was called the Old Model because it was

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34-year-old man was seriously injured when the snowmobile he was riding flipped over without warning.   At the time of the accident, the man was circumnavigating a very large field at a speed of approximately 30 MPH. He was thrown from his seat and the

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14-year-old boy was pitching in a baseball game at baseball camp. The batter was approximately 20-25 feet away from the pitcher.   The boy pitched the ball, the batter swung and the batted ball hit the boy in the face. The boy fell to the

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The plaintiff, a 17-year-old student, was playing team handball when he was struck in the eye with the ball.   As a result he suffered a severe and permanent eye injury. Protective equipment, such as a face mask or goggles, would have prevented the injury.

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Air Rifle – Sports Equipment

14-year-old boy sustained eye injury when he was shot in the eye with a BB from an air rifle shot by his 14-year-old friend.   The friend pointed the BB gun at the plaintiff and pulled the trigger. The air rifle was owned by the

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Gun and Ammunition

The decedent kept a.38 caliber gun for recreation and for protection. On the day in question three armed men entered his premises and asked him to hand over money.   The plaintiff reached for his gun and attempted to fire it three times. But each

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Football Helmet

A 16-year-old high school senior was playing quarterback for his high school football team.   As a result of being tackled he suffered severe head injuries. Investigation showed that the plastic helmet he was wearing was cracked and was insufficient to absorb the shock of

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