Recreational Vehicle, ATV & Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents in Aruba

In March, 2022 a 13 year-old girl was killed when a boat ran her over while she was tubing on an excursion in Aruba with her family.   Tragically, the same boating company caused our clients to suffer serious cranial and

2022-12-21T08:45:10-04:00March 29, 2022|

The Rise of Massachusetts Drowning Incidents in 2021

As we see the restrictions easing down, the residents of Massachusetts are diving back into water sports like swimming, boating, and fishing. But, studies show that there are an estimated 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings every year in the United States, including boating-related drownings. Massachusetts itself

2022-05-13T05:16:19-04:00November 2, 2021|
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