Seeing a doctor immediately is one of the most important steps you can take when you’ve been harmed in a car accident in Massachusetts. Even if you’re barely hurt, you must see a physician, particularly if you’re thinking about filing a claim or lawsuit to seek compensation after a collision.

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When describing your injuries to your doctor and discussing your treatment plan, keep the following tips in mind. They’ll help you and your doctor ensure you receive a proper diagnosis, which is key to ensuring your treatment plan is ideal. Following the advice here may also play a significant role in helping you secure the compensation you deserve later on.

Be Honest and Thorough

For various reasons, you may be tempted to downplay your symptoms or discomfort when describing them to a physician. Don’t make this mistake. It’s important to be as thorough and accurate as possible when discussing your injuries.

Thus, you might also mention symptoms that don’t necessarily seem connected to your injuries or the accident that caused them. For example, you may be experiencing relatively minor discomfort in an area of your body that you don’t think was affected by the collision.

Bring this discomfort up as well. The more detailed and thorough you are, the better the odds a doctor will identify all your injuries that may require treatment.

Mention That You Were Involved in a Collision

Seeing a doctor right away after a car accident is vital, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured. There are two main reasons this is the case.

First, the fact that you don’t notice any major symptoms or signs of injury doesn’t mean you’re unharmed. Various factors, such as adrenaline, can prevent a victim from realizing they’ve been injured in the immediate aftermath of an accident. You thus need to see a doctor so they can provide you with any necessary treatment sooner rather than later. This will improve your odds of making a swift recovery.

Second, seeing a doctor right away can help you establish a link between your injuries and your collision. This will help you secure compensation, as an insurance company will be unable to argue your injuries might have been the result of a separate incident.

Ensure this link is documented by mentioning to the physician (and nurses, etc.) that you were involved in an accident. If you don’t clearly state this, they might not include it in their notes, potentially harming your case later.

Seeing a doctor right away after a car accident is vital, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured.

Provide a Medical History

Providing a doctor with a full medical history helps them determine what types of injuries you may be prone to. It can also allow them to decide which treatment methods are most appropriate for your needs.

Giving the doctor who treats you a full medical history can help you build a strong case as well. If a doctor were to treat you without having all necessary information about your medical history, an insurer might cite this in an attempt to discredit their opinions or conclusions.

Ask What Types of Activities You Should Avoid

The injuries you might sustain in a car accident could prevent you from participating in certain activities or performing certain tasks until you thoroughly recover. For example, depending on the nature of your job, as you rest and heal, you may be unable to work.

Thoroughly discuss this topic with your doctor. Make sure you know what you can and can’t do during your recovery, and heed your doctor’s advice accordingly.

Ensure You Thoroughly Understand Your Treatment Plan

Following your doctor’s recommendations and adhering to an appropriate treatment plan will maximize your chances of making a proper recovery. It will also play a critical role in the outcome of your claim or lawsuit should you seek compensation after an accident.

The amount of compensation you secure could be reduced if it’s shown that you strayed from the recommended treatment plan. Guard against this by making sure you understand all details of said plan.

Additionally, strongly consider meeting with an attorney shortly after seeing a doctor. If you work with an insurance company directly instead of seeking legal representation, they may convince you to settle for less than your claim is worth.

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