A dog bite incident can be a traumatic and painful experience, often leaving lasting physical and emotional scars. It is, therefore, important to understand what to do if you or your loved one is bitten by a dog in Massachusetts. 

You should immediately seek medical help, and you need to know your rights and responsibilities legally and how to make a personal injury insurance claim

This is a complete guide on what to do if you are bitten by a dog. It involves steps to follow for medical care and the legal options available.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

The first and most critical step after a dog bite incident is to seek immediate medical attention. Even seemingly minor bites can lead to infections or complications if left untreated. 

Be sure to do the following: 

  • Clean the wound with soap and warm water.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment and cover it with a sterile bandage.
  • Consult a healthcare professional for assessment and potential treatment.
  • Document your injuries with clear photographs for medical records and potential legal claims.

Step 2: Report the Dog Bite

Once you’ve received the necessary medical care, it’s essential to report the dog bite incident. Reporting the incident creates an official record, which may be crucial for legal purposes. 

Follow these steps:

  • Contact Local Authorities: Notify your local animal control agency or law enforcement about the dog bite. They will create a report detailing the incident.
  • Gather Information: If possible, collect information about the dog and its owner. This includes the owner’s name, contact information, and any available vaccination records for the dog.
  • Witness Information: If there were any witnesses to the incident, collect their contact information as well. Witness statements can be valuable in legal proceedings.

Step 3: Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

After a dog bite incident, it’s advisable to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys who specialize in dog bite cases. 

Here’s why legal representation is important:

  • Understanding Massachusetts Dog Bite Laws: Massachusetts has strict liability laws for dog bite cases. Under these laws, dog owners are typically responsible for injuries their dogs cause, regardless of whether the dog has a history of aggression. An attorney will explain your rights and help you navigate the legal process.
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies may be involved in compensating victims of dog bite incidents. Your attorney will act on your behalf to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you are duly compensated for the medical expenditures, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  • Building a Strong Case: Our team at Swartz & Swartz, P.C. will help gather evidence, including medical records, witness statements, and any documentation related to the incident. They will work to build a strong case on your behalf.

Step 4: Understand Your Legal Options

Understanding your legal options is crucial to ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries. 

Your attorney will explain these options, which may include:

  • Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit: If negotiations with the dog owner’s insurance company do not lead to a fair settlement, your attorney may recommend filing a personal injury lawsuit. This can help you pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.
  • Comparative Negligence: Massachusetts follows a modified comparative negligence system. This means that if the dog owner claims you provoked the dog, your compensation may be reduced. Your attorney will help you understand and address such allegations.
  • Dog Owner’s Liability: The dog owner may be held liable for your injuries, even if the dog has no history of aggression. An experienced lawyer understands the complexities of dog bite laws in Massachusetts and can advocate for your rights.

Step 5: Focus on Recovery and a Personal Injury Insurance Claim

While your attorney works on your legal case, it’s important to prioritize your physical and emotional recovery.

Here is what you should do:

  • Adhere to Medical Guidance: Follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations and attend all necessary medical appointments. Your attorney will consider your ongoing medical needs when pursuing compensation.
  • Emotional Well-being: A dog bite incident can be emotionally distressing. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist to help you cope with the trauma.
  • Stay Informed: Maintain open communication with your attorney to stay updated on your case’s progress. This will help ease any legal concerns, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.


A dog bite incident can be a life-altering event, but taking the right steps in its aftermath can make all the difference in your recovery and the pursuit of fair compensation. 

At Swartz & Swartz, P.C., we’re here to guide you through this challenging time and ensure you receive the support and justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced personal injury attorneys for expert guidance and representation. 

Your rights matter, and we’re here to protect them.

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About the Author: James Swartz
Mr. Swartz, our Managing and Principal Attorney at Swartz & Swartz P.C., is a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney as well as consumer advocate. His practice focuses on cases involving negligence, torts, products liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other claims involving catastrophic injuries.

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