Section 4

[79] Annotation: Products liability: perfumes, colognes, or deodorants, 46 ALR4th 1197.   [80] Annotation: Liability of manufacturer or seller for injury caused by food or food product sold, 77 ALR2d 7. In Jackson v. Nestle-Beich, Inc. (1991, 5th Dist) 212 Ill App 3d 296, 155 Ill Dec 508, 569 NE2d 1119, 14 UCCRS2d 736, app gr 139 Ill 2d 597,

Section 3

Denkensohn v. Davenport (1989, 3d Dept) 144 App Div 2d 58, 536 NYS2d 587, affd, ctfd ques ans 75 NY2d 25, 550 NYS2d 584, 549 NE2d 1155 [issue of duty of pool installer to post warnings as to depth of the pool.]   Castro v. Alden Leeds, Inc. (1988, 2d Dept) 144 App Div 2d 613,

Section 2

[21] Annotation: Products liability: flammable clothing, 1 ALR4th 251.   See Wilson v. Bradlees of New England (1996, CA1 NH) 96 F3d 552, cert den (US) 137 L Ed 2d 218, 117 S Ct 1083 (minor sustained severe burns when the sweatshirt he was wearing came in contact with an electric stove and court held that <sst"I03NKOG">Flammable

Section 1

[1] Annotation: Products liability: drain cleaners, 85 ALR3d 727. [2] Annotation: Products liability: drain cleaners, 85 ALR3d 727.   See also, <ntc"I03GTOE">Sargeant, ATLA ALERT: Lewis Red Devil Lye-Red Devil Drain Cleaner can Burn, Blind and Disfigure, 25 Trial Magazine 24 (No. 11, November 1989.) Settlement for plaintiff in the amount of $825,000 in product liability action against manufacturer,


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