Products Liability – Allergic reactions


A housewife purchased a roll of pre-pasted wallpaper at the local paint and hardware store for her mother who was remodeling her bathroom. The store clerk told her that the wallpaper "was easy to put up" and that she "would have no problem." She returned home, unwrapped the roll and, before applying it to


Plaintiff's wife purchased a can of deodorant at a local supermarket.   The deodorant was new to the market and during the weeks prior to the purchase had been heavily advertised on television. Plaintiff placed some of the deodorant under his arm. Shortly thereafter he experienced a burning sensation. He developed a painful case of

Spray Paint

A 30-year-old housewife with a history of asthmatic and allergic conditions, for which she had previously received treatment, including yearly hay fever shots, bought a can of spray paint to use on a metal cabinet in her kitchen.   Following the directions on the label, she opened the kitchen door and windows, so that the

Laundry Detergents

A fair haired, 22-year-old restaurant waitress bought two laundry products to wash her soiled uniforms.   She bought them thinking that they would whiten and brighten her laundry, as the package advertisements promised. She did her wash and 12 days later showed symptoms of having intestinal flu. She had chills, a fever, and an itching

Soap Powder

The parents of an infant boy gave him a bath in a tub with a strong cleaning agent. They had followed the directions on the container of soap grains.   The soap is usually used by men and women accustomed to doing arduous manual labor. The boy has developed a severe dermatitis from the soap.


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