Products Liability – Children’s toys

“Sketcho” Glass

A youngster was playing with a glass-paneled drawing toy filled with aluminum powder.   The toy is designed to enable the child to draw with the powder as it is controlled by magnetized dials. When the youngster in this case inadvertently leaned on the panel, the glass shattered and the ragged shards slashed his forearm.

Air Rifle

Two teenagers were using an air rifle, which shoots pellets, in the basement of the home of one of them.   As a result of a ricocheting pellet, the bystanding teenager permanently lost his sight in one eye. Suit was brought against the manufacturer of the gun on the ground, among other things, that there

Toy Oven

A three-year-old child was playing with a plug-in toy oven. She inserted her right hand into the socket of the light bulb which provides the heat for the oven. She received a severe electrical burn on her right hand.


A 9-year-old boy and his friends were playing catch with a toy time bomb, a hard-surfaced plastic ball with a timing device protruding from the top of the ball.   According to the directions accompanying this toy, each player's object is to toss the ball to another player before the ticking of the timer terminates


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